“Let food be thy medicine

and medicine be thy food.”

In Ayurveda, eating parallel to the seasons and for your specific dosha not only enhances your youth and vitality - but your overall health as well. Click here to learn more about the practice of mindful eating - and enjoy your food on a whole new level.


a dal to reduce ama

Make this delicious recipe to aid in proceeding with cleansing for the fall season. Balancing Ama levels is vital to our rejuvenation and success for the fall season.
Fresh vegetables, sprouted mung beans, and delicious spices blend together to make this recipe.


artichokes and goat cheese

I love artichokes. OK maybe more than love. I love, love artichokes! They are one of my most favorite Spring vegetables. They are so good for us, in so many different ways. Here are some of the Yumazing benefits of this beautiful and elegant plant.

How excited are you now to dive into one of these little babies? Here is an easy recipe I have put together. The goat cheese is lighter and warmer than cows milk cheese which makes it more easily digestible during this kapha season (Spring). Plus the spice blend naturally lowers cholesterol.


Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 12.20.49 PM.png



Enjoy this tridoshic, easy to digest treat during the Fall season.
In Ayurveda buttermilk is used to maintain balanced health and heal the body as well.
It is used in the treatment of digestive disorders, inflammation, and even anemia.