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Yoga Philosophy & Arm Balance Workshop - Phase 2

Phase 2 of Yoga Philosophy

The yogis define our body as having five layers or sheaths, each one contained within the other which are the covering of atman. These layers are called Koshas and cover every aspect of our being, from the grossest to the most subtle.

When we practice yoga – whether it’s asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra, or any of the eight limbs we are having an impact on one or more of these layers of the body. The sheaths are encased within our three bodies. The gross, subtle and the causal bodies. Each of these bodies consists of at least one or more sheaths. These sheaths are composed of different elements or energies and provide a vehicle by which we register, interpret and integrate the various experiences of our existence. In this workshop, we will dive into the 5 sheaths, three bodies, how they work and how we can live to release blockages in the sheaths and the bodies to allow our true nature to shine through.

OK, I lied there is no arm balancing but if you need a handstand or forearm balance we can take a few minutes to work on that too.  Thanks for reading. :)

[Earlybird $25] 
Day of - $30

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