embracing the individual

& treating the whole body

Ayurvedic consultations require filling out an intake form. We then schedule an appointment which will take about 75 minutes. The client is asked to journal their eating and drinking habits for seven days prior to the appointment. During the appointment, recommendations will be made to start you off on the path to wellness given your current state of health. I will prepare an individual dietary/lifestyle/herbal protocol based on the principles of Ayurveda and we will schedule to meet again to assess the progress made while implementing the protocol given.

Treatment Categories Include:

  • Internal and external detoxification

  • Superficial rebalancing of the doshas through diet, lifestyle and herbal protocols

  • Diet and activity including asana and pranayama indications/contraindications in diet, activity, habits, and emotions

  • Lifestyle choices to avoid disease-causing/aggravating factors

  • Mental health strategies including, restraint of the mind from demoting objects and practices while cultivating memory and concentration

  • Rejuvenation practices that promote strength, immunity, vitality, and youthfulness

Consultations are $120. Follow up visits thereafter are $80.

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Please let me know if you have questions, and any preferred date or times you are available. Thank you.

Forms to send before consultation:

AMA Questionnaire

Client Intake Form

Food Journal (to be filled out one week prior to consultation)

Please fill out the forms above, scan or take a photo, and send here prior to your consultation. Thank you!